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Courtney on YOUR Couch with Michael Pozzi


I have decided to start a mini web-series if you will. I’ve called it ‘Courtney on Your Couch.’ The only reason I’m blogging is to share more about myself and Los Angeles, the city I 1523737_2709662740771_1377555175887592510_olive in. One of the great things about LA, is all the talent that lives within it’s city limits. We all know the famous, but we don’t know the people behind the scenes, or the not quite famous yet. The inspiration for these interviews is to get to know people who are talented, passion fueled, innovative and hard working! Whether it be entertainment, fashion, beauty supplies or even food, I’m interested in getting to know L.A.’s finest! I decided to start with my friend Michael Pozzi of the band, ‘The Absolute.’ He  is always playing around Hollywood. Please ‘like’ them on Facebook..  I hope you enjoy getting to know Michael! Who’s couch will I visit next?


Home is always where the HART is 😉



Image Courtesy of ZB Images and Michael Pozzi

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2015 Academy Awards

Alright, Oscar is my best friend this time of year. I love watching the Oscars. I’m so happy Eddie Redmayne won Best Actor. He was so deserving and completely engulfed himself in his character. However, I want to cut to the chase and talk FASHION. The red carpet is my favorite part!

x700I’ll do a small recap with my thoughts. I love Anna Kendrick’s dress, but it felt too ‘prom’ for me. Giuliana Rancic nailed her red carpet look better than some nominees and she was just hosting E!News. Scar Jo, girl, the dress and those curves with your fierce new do rocked, but I don’t understand the necklace. A statement piece is perfectly suitable for that dress, but maybe not one that takes up your whole neckline. Dakota Johnson nailed it. She stuns in Saint Laurent and kept her hair simplistic and wasn’t overbearing, as she was just a presenter.   I’m not going to cover everyone, those were just people that stood out to me. My best dressed goes to Margot Robbie. She too wore Saint Laurent (maybe I have a new obsession here). It was simplistic, with a nice Van Cleef & Arpels necklace to add color and complete her look. Margot’s sleek bob and red lip was a perfect pair! Congrats to all the winners and nominees! Cannot wait to see what 2015 brings in the world of motion pictures!

Home is always where the HART is 😉



Photo Courtesy of Steve Granitz/WireImage

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I’m Courtney Hart and welcome to my new website! I love Valentine’s Day, it’s the day of HARTs and I couldn’t help but think there was a better day to launch a HART-filled website.

I currently reside in Los Angeles, but I’ve been fortunate to live all over the U.S. I did my growing up in Atlanta, Georgia. My whole life, I’ve loved performing and making others happy. Entertainment is a healthy escape for people. I’ve always thought in colors, pictures, and movie scenes. When I was younger, I would set up all my stuffed animals and pretend I was Oprah on my own talk show in the living room. I’d even do Colgate commercials in my bathroom mirror. My first song I ever wrote was age five, ‘Who’s going to let the bad boys out?’ Needless to say, since I was tiny, I’ve had a vision.

Los Angeles allows me to be closer to the industry I love, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m passionate about music and am inspired by the likes of Lana del Rey and Stevie Nicks…and yes, even Taylor Swift. I’m in a city where people come from all over the world to make dreams come true. I want to share that city with you! That’s what my intention is for this blog! I love trying new places, foods and things. I like to write music and poems and feed off other’s creative energies. I have faith in my passions and dreams and I like making others feel something through the art of film and music…and now hopefully blogging! Stay tuned for my journey.

Home is always where the HART is 😉

xx- Courtney