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Hey Everyone!

Okay, so I’ve been holding off on posting about this for awhile, because WARNING SPOILER ALERTS! I want to talk candidly about the movie, but give people time to see it. It’s been a few weeks since the live action ‘Cinderella’ has been released. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out.

Disney is known for it’s magic, and I’d say they nailed it with this rendition. I was hesitant to see it and believe in it, considering I hold Cinderella very dear to my heart. Lily James beautifully portrays an elegant Ella. Although, I wish she had blue eyes like the classic. I loved that Fairy Godmother (Helena Bonham Carter) narrates Cinderella’s story. The costuming was award worthy in my opinion.

As far as tCourt1he story-line, I appreciate Disney sticking true to the classic film, while adding special moments or characters. For instance, I am so happy we see Cinderella’s mother in the film and the relationship she has with her father. Her ongoing message of ‘have courage and be kind’ truly resonated throughout the film. Cinderella and the Prince run into each other in the forest prior to the ball and it’s a ‘Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip moment’, and I liked that. It made it even more magical, when they saw each other at the ball. I’ll mention last but not least, Cinderella’s animal friends. They were just majestic and the way they saved her at the end was different from the original, but just perfect!

Lauren Conrad designed a line for Kohl’s based on the ‘Cinderella’ movie. Of course, I HAD to have a few pieces. I really like the way she incorporated the elegance of Cinderella into an everyday look for simply modern girls like myself. The skirt was a little on the puffy side for me, but even Cindy herself rocks the puff, so I decided to embrace it! If you love Cinderella as much as I do, check out the collection!

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