Courtney on YOUR Couch with Dylan Neal

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Courtney on YOUR Couch with Dylan Neal

10443169_891518534197311_594573655701836735_oHi everyone!

I’ve couch jumped again! This time to Dylan Neal’s couch and this segment is the funniest segment yet. Dylan teaches me how to sing heavy metal and he had the giggles, so I present to you the first ‘Courtney on Your Couch’ blooper reel as well! Dylan has a solo music career where he goes by ‘THIEF.’ He’s also in a band called ‘Botanist.’ I find it fascinating that his band doesn’t use guitars, but another stringed instrument called a hammered dulcimer. I personally like the differences between his solo music and his band. THIEF does a music video called ‘Greed’ where he eats a mouthful of crickets. Don’t worry, I ask him about it in the interview. I like the vibe of this song, it’s upbeat and electronic, but not mainstream. It has a darker vibe to it. Botanist is light and airy in the music and the vocals bring the edge of metal and distress. Botanist is getting ready to go on a European Tour this summer! I hope you enjoy getting to know Dylan, giggles and all. Check out his cricket eating video, ‘Greed’ posted below. For information on Botanist visit their website, and to listen to Botanist (which I highly suggest you do) visit their Bandcamp page. Thanks for watching! Until next time!

THIEF’s Greed Botanist Website Botanist Bandcamp

Home is always where the HART is 😉

xx- Courtney

Image Courtesy of Dylan Neal

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