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Often times, I stop and think about the poverty and the homeless on the street that live within a ten mile radius of me and why no one is helping. I also901850_10151456570633512_2133951632_o wonder why those who show up to help only show up to benefit themselves and Instagram their volunteer work. It’s thoughts like these that make me wish there were more Kristy Bleau’s in the world. Kristy is a single mom, raising an excellent, well mannered daughter. She works a full-time job, you ask her what she does in her spare time and if her answer isn’t being at Disneyland, it’s servicing those in need. She used to bring church services and food to parking lots for the homeless. She shows compassion for the mentally ill and helps them get help from the state. Kristy has not once Instagramed, Facebooked, or bragged about her work. She truly does it from an absolute selfless place, which is why I asked if I could sit on her couch.

I talk to Kristy about the stigmas and misconception of society’s view points on the homeless and mentally ill. It’s something we both feel strongly about. She gives advice for those who are looking to be of service in their community. Not everyone’s couch I sit on is an entertainer. I do this show because every human has a story and a place of passion. Once I enter their home, I ask about their heart and their lives. This has truly been one of my favorite episodes yet. Stay tuned for our next episode, and have fun getting to know Kristy!

Home is always where the HART is 😉



Image courtesy of Kristy Bleau and Shawn Hadland.

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