Courtney on YOUR Couch with Miranda Andersen

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Courtney on YOUR Couch with Miranda Andersen

Hello everyone!

I hope your day is truly GOLDEN, I know Miranda Andersen’s is! She’s my next interview for my mini series, ‘Courtney on Your Couch.’ Miranda resides in Orange County, however, her jewelry, ‘STAY GOLDEN JEWELRY’ (formerly known as ‘Beach and Stone Jewelry) is currentFullSizeRender-3ly being worn all over America. She’s new to the design world, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t making a wave! Inspired by the beach, sun and sand, she brings to life accessories that enlighten any outfit. My personal favorite things about her line is the pieces are timeless, you can mix and match them, and anyone of any age can where them. I have a few pieces myself!FullSizeRender-2

I sat down and talked with her about her inspiration and her favorite pieces. She also let me in on a secret that she’ll be coming out with new designs just in time for music festival season. WHAT UP COACHELLA LOVERS. Her simplistic, yet dazzling items are perfect for anytime of year! I hope you enjoy getting to know Miranda! Here’s a direct link to her Etsy store! I wonder who’s couch I’ll visit next!

Home is always where the HART is 😉

xx, Courtney

Photo Images Courtesy of Miranda Andersen of Stay Golden Jewelry LLC. and Tanya Dimapindan

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Gabriela Fumero

March 9, 2015at 4:35 pm

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS! I really like the jewelry! SO CUTE!!!

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