Lights, Camera, Acción

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Lights, Camera, Acción

Okay, so I’m doing the inevitable..which is writing a review for Lana del Rey’s new album ‘Honeymoon.’  Every critic goes cliche and rants about how broody, moody and crooning Lana’s album is. However, if you’re a true Lana fan, like myself, you understand that’s just her style and it’s a major part of the reason why you love her.

Before I offer my opinion, let’s review the facts. Lana did barely any press for this album, and the minute it went on iTunes it went to number one. She wrote every song and used all live instruments on every track. I say this because everyone today in the industry is a product of the environment it’s become. It’s pop, auto-tuned, computerized beats and lyrics. I think that’s fine and dandy, but it really takes away from what was once art. With the exception of the Coachella incident (nobody’s perfect), 9 times out of 10, Lana sounds just as good live as she does on her record. You can fight me all you want on that topic, but I’ve seen her live four times now and her sweet falsetto has NEVER failed me. Lana SELLS OUT live shows that seat thousands and all she does is stand on stage with her live band and her microphone and sings. She doesn’t need dancers, light up batons, an escalator conveyer belt catapulting her into the audience, she brings her and her music. People who pay to see Lana live come for the music, not an off Broadway performance of her album. When people don’t understand my Lana obsession, I guess it’s hard to make others understand that looking up to someone who is real and honest as supposed to someone who’s a one hit wonder, money making machine is just ten times more enticing to me.

I’ll start by saying, my favorite song off the album (as of this moment) is ‘Salvatore.’ Let’s be real, anyone who can make the words ‘soft ice cream’ fit lyrically and beautifully into a song, is a musical genius. If every Lana song ever made was to reproduce and give birth to a new song, it would be ‘Religion.’ If you can’t appreciate the jazz trumpets and vibe of ‘Terrence Loves You,’ I’m not sure you have ever experienced a great musical arrangement before. ‘Music to Watch Boys To’, ‘Art Deco’ and ‘Freak’ make me reminisce on Lana’s ‘Born to Die’ days, where that underlying beat can’t help but make you think of her singing it live and swaying back and forth. If you’re a true Lana fan, like myself, you’ll know you have heard ‘Lights, Camera, Accion’ before, but it’s ten times better in ‘High by the Beach.’ Next friend to go through a breakup is getting ‘The Blackest Days’ played for them on repeat, with maybe a little bit of Billy Holiday in between. I love that song because Lana’s usually the empowering type, but here’s a vulnerable song where she allows herself to admit she misses a lover. Wrapping up with ’24’ and the ‘Swan Song,’ I couldn’t have asked for more Lana layered with harmonies of Lana, layered with more harmonies of…well, Lana. Thanks for doing your own background vocals! And the classic signature Lana move, covering another artists song, ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,’ is just as amazing as ‘The Other Woman.’

So this doesn’t look like a Lana love fest, I’ll give you the very few nit picky cons I do have. I wish she would’ve included ‘Serial Killer’ on this album. (If you don’t know it, do yourself a favor and YouTube it ASAP.) I also would’ve loved her cover choice to be ‘Chelsea Hotel’ which she covered on the ‘Ultraviolence’ tour. (Also, YouTube) And my last little thing, was I preordered the album and it showed up way later than the release date, but I forgave her because it’s instrumentally and vocally breathtaking.

There you have it, I’m still a Lana del Rey freak and a lot of people have asked my thoughts on the album, so I blogged it! You’re my religion Lana!

Home is always where the HART is 😉


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