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Thinking out loud logo2Hello everyone!

I’m launching something today that I’m really excited about. Mental Healthcare Awareness is something that’s really important to me. I’m not asking you for money, or even asking you to believe what I believe, but I do think awareness is important. The suicide rate in our country is tragic. As Dana Perry said at the Oscars, “we need to talk about suicide out loud.”

My mental healthcare awareness organization is called ‘THINKING OUT LOUD.’ The idea behind the name is to encourage people who are struggling and keeping thoughts inside to voice their thoughts, or for someone who may see someone struggling to also be supportive and voice their thoughts. It’s important for people to get educated. Do you know what bipolar disorder is? Or is someone who is bipolar just ‘crazy’? As a society, we tend to fear mental illness because we don’t know much about it. It’s time we STOP THE STIGMA and get educated. I’m doing my first STOP THE STIGMA shoot this week with some amazing people, and I’m really excited to start spreading the word and standing up for mental illness. Because of our fears, we forget it’s a disability and a disease. Please view my video below for some facts and check out my Official Facebook Page for the organization.

THINKING OUT LOUD Official Facebook

Home is always where the HART is 😉


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June 2, 2016at 2:44 pm

You are truly amazing and talented!

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